The Design and Construction Professional Style has been in business since 1992. Initially, the scope of our business was limited to renovation and rebuilding of houses and flats. With the development of the market and the emergence of new commercial locations, construction and arrangement of public facilities has become the major area of our operation.

We know how it works. The high level of our services is primarily the result of the knowledge and skills of our team made up of specialists in the construction industry.

We offer a wide range of construction services, including installation work (electrical, water and sewage, ventilation and air-conditioning) as well as site equipment, such as storefronts, furniture, lighting and advertising.

PROJECTS, or the core of our actions

We create public spaces and our clients are mainly the owners of brand chains. Still, we undertake the implementation of individual residential designs and other construction projects. The range of our operation covers the entire Poland and beyond.

SUPERVISION, use the full potential of our team

We provide full technical supervision by professional managers (construction, water and sewage, electrical) in accordance with the building code and the technical conditions of the facility. We supervise the work to the extent that the result meets investor expectations and design assumptions.

COORDINATION, significant support of investment

We provide coordination of work at every stage of the investment. We know how important is timely launch of investment, therefore the priority for us is to work closely with the clients, the subcontracting companies, the design agency and the suppliers of materials and interior design. We prepare full documentation in accordance with the principles of construction law and supplemented by the requirements set by building inspectors of the facility.

DESIGN, creative response to your needs

Thanks to our long-term cooperation with an architectural firm we offer customer service from A to Z. This collaboration provides always interesting and practical projects. We guarantee consistent and efficient operation within the project.

adaptation and DETAILS

Among our other services is the adaptation of the premises in accordance with the expectations and needs of clients and architectural firms. We also provide support in finishing work, renovation and demolition.